What is a contracture?

       A contracture is not a lesion, it is an involuntary, insistent and painful contraction of one or more skeletal muscles. It can be caused by intense physical activity, incorrect posture / diet or anxiety.       

Why book a myofascial realease massage?

  • A neglected contracture increases the risk of muscle injuries such as elongation and tearing.
  • A contracted muscle cannot fully express its strength.
Myofascial releasing massage is a manipulative treatment to relieve the muscular tensions present in the body. It helps to recover the elasticity of the movements without excessive pain, favoring the joints in mobility and blood circulation.
The anti-fatigue massage is carried out at the choice of the recipient on one of the three areas of the body that need more attention: cervical, lumbar or lower limbs.

Cervical treatment in case of tension headache

Frequent headaches? Winter arrives, cold comes, stress remains and tension headaches increase. This is the general picture with the arrival of winter. But what can be done? Attention the cause could be the stiffness of some muscles of the cervical area! So the episodes of tension headache can be soothed by a cervical treatment with the aim of loosening the tension of the muscles of the cervical area. The treatment consists in heating the neck area by using cherry stones which, releasing in a constant heat, begin to relax the muscles and dry the infiltrated moisture in the area below. Once the area has been properly prepared, the muscles of the neck and shoulders affected by stiffness that could give rise to headaches will be treated one by one. To help our body in the relaxation phase, we use 100% natural essential oils such as lavender and rosemary, which thanks to their properties are able to set in motion anti-anxiety and relaxing mechanisms.
  • The myofascial release massage acts deeply on the neurovegetative system and on the psychic component as well as on the muscular apparatus, there could be any transient effects that could occur after the treatment, or related to a possible soreness like if a great physical effort or nervous reaction had been made such as overexcitation, insomnia or excessive tiredness, even nausea. It is advisable to drink plenty of water after the treatment and to enhance the effects of the massage with a few hours rest after the session.
  • Only 100% natural products will be used during the treatment, such as: almond oil, coconut oil and essential oils. Any allergies must be declared prior to treatment, especially if they relate to: coconut and almonds.


  • Sports massage and Anti-fatigue: having to work intensely with both manual techniques and stretching throughout the body, the ideal is a slip-type costume for the man and a two-piece for the woman
  • Swedish / Maori Massage / Toning: it is a muscle relaxation treatment through very gentle manual techniques, the ideal is a slip-type costume for men and a two-piece suit for the woman
  • Thai massage: the treatment consists of acupressure on the whole body and stretching, you receive clothes, the suggestion is to come with comfortable clothing
  • PMT massage: this massage treats the extremities by receiving clothes, but it is advisable to wear comfortable clothing.

  When is it not possible to receive a massage?   

  • Feverish state
  • States of acute inflammation
  • During the time you are taking prescription drugs
  • Not before 40 days from a break

  Latest tips:   

   When we decide to give ourselves a massage we decided to take some time for ourselves. Time dedicated to regenerating ourselves, leaving out all that is deadlines, problems, decisions. For this reason, the first piece of advice, especially for relaxing treatments, but not only, is: take the necessary time! Especially in the post-treatment our body needs tranquility, this means that the muscular and psychic relaxation can be more effective.
      Another useful tip: avoid booking a treatment immediately after meals, I advise you to place at least a couple of hours between the last meal and the massage. This is obviously not a hard and fast rule, but it is still a good rule for both relaxing and sporting patients.

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