To protect and respect the body and the environment, I pay great attention in choosing the products I choose only 100% origin products natural and organic.
organic coconut oil
Organic ExtraVergine: Coconut oil 1000 ml extra virgin 100% pure and native. Unrefined and extracted from the Coconut Pulp. Cold pressed at low temperatures to preserve all the nutritional properties.
The term Tatami indicates a rug made of rice straw woven and pressed to try to create an environment that is sustainable and free of harmful substances as it consists only of purely natural elements, moreover rice straw does not constitute food for any type of mite or insect. The weaves of rice straw of the Japanese tatami emanate a pleasant natural scent that immediately strikes the sense of smell giving a pleasant sensation of sweetness and relaxation, helping mind and body to relax and release stress.
The futon mattress is 100% cotton layered , not flaky. This technique taken from the Japanese tradition ensures a comfortable and resistant mattress over time, in light of its extreme adaptability to pressure. The softness of cotton is in fact supported by a wise arrangement, which: also welcomes the smallest curves of the body; it remains sufficiently rigid to properly support the vertebral column. Cotton also helps avoid allergic-type problems and guarantees excellent breathability.

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