Our frenetic and competitive lifestyle does not allow us much time to take care of ourselves: daily stresses due to the work and family environment stiffen us in incorrect postures and we load our body unbalanced. We are so used to these compensatory strategies that we hardly notice them anymore, at least until some part of the body points it out to us.

lorenzo burgalassi massaggiatore sportivo

First of all, adopting a healthier lifestyle, this includes: nutrition, sports practice, attention to postures and a balanced management of stress. Various figures such as masseur, osteopath, physiotherapist, posturologist, etc. .. will be able to work to help you solve incorrect postural attitudes or limited joint functions, but to solve a problem we must also and above all work personally. There is no more effective transformation than the one that starts with us.

My working method is based on the concept of seeing the postural and functional attitude of a person as a whole, if for example I am told: I have neck pain, my goal is not only that specific area, almost never a problem of the cervical is linked only to the neck district, the shoulders will be more likely to be involved if not even the lumbar area, why not some dysfunction of the lower limbs. So my job consists in a careful observation of the whole body, concatenating hyper / hypo tonicity asymmetries from bottom to top to do a general check-up of the musculoskeletal system.
Many years of experience and training as a massage therapist have provided me with a wide range of techniques, approaches and procedures to work both on the physical body and on the energy body.


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